Recent projects

Research axes

  • Research and development of spintronic devices with tailored magneto-transport properties .
  • Thin film functional materials.
  • Mezomagnetism and spin polarized transport in low dimensional systems.
  • Electronic properties of low dimensional systems. Modelling of magnetism and electronic transport in solid state devices.
  • Experimental and theory in solid state physics of low dimensional systems: surfaces, interfaces, thin  films.
  • Spin and symmetry polarized electronic transport.
  • Micromagnetism and magnetic interactions.
  • Spintronics with alternative materials: multiferroics, Heusler alloys, topologic materials.
  • Hybrid superconducting spintronics. Proximity effects between modulated ferromagnetic nanostructures and superconductors.
  • Multiscale modelling and design of materials and devices for storage and manipulation classic and quantum technologies.
  • Spintronics for neuromorphic and quantum information technologies.
  • Quantum materials.

Research infrastructure: